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Photoshop Masking Tutorial for a Complicated Image

Written by Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni on May 2, 2011. Posted in Tutorial

One of Photoshop’s best forces is its effective image masking techniques such as Magnetic Lasso, Quick Mask, Magic Wand, Pen Tool, Color Range Feature and Background Eraser Tool. Some people like to mask a complicated image usually by following a simple route. Photoshop gives a color range features, allowing shifting a background without doubt.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at one simple technique for shifting a background by color range feature from menu in Photoshop. Color range feature is a quickly process to select an object from its background. But it does contain its bound and it creates a selection according to color. At this situation for an object needs different color than its background.

Now, see the step by step color range features using process to change a background in the tutorial. At first the final result has been shown in this tutorial by presenting the “before” and “after” image.

clipping path, image masking, photoshop masking

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