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Whether you want a white background for product images or to remove the background to replace it with the setting of a forest, we can help you. Removing the background and replacing background with a white background has in e-commerce become the de facto standard and for any product photo removing the background makes good sense. Not only does it remove any elements that may confuse the visual communication but it also makes it easier to size a position products in a uniform way providing a nice clean and classic design for e-commerce sites, catalogues, and brochures the like.

Example original image

Original image

Background removed

Background removed to transparent

Shadow added

Background turned into white

When doing technical documentation, manuals etc., background removal service is an ideal way to have all the irrelevant background elements removed for the end user to be able to focus on the object in question.

Why you should remove the background

  • To draw attention towards the foreground object
  • To isolate and document features or form of an object
  • When taking product photos and you want the product to stand out
  • To comply with Amazon or E-bay product photo recommendations
  • When background takes attention away from the object in focus
  • To use uniform background on multiple images

When to consider not to remove the background

  • When the natural background provides a context for the object
  • When professional lighting and backdrop can successfully provide the right background

Other considerations

When choosing background removal, you are also implicit or explicit selecting another background for your picture. In making such a choice there is many considerations to take. Are you (or others) enforcing a background colour policy such as you would have on your shopify, magento or whatever e-commerce platform you have. Have you considered the Psychology of Colour - not only the colour of the object on your image may send important signals also the background. Some background colours will complement the object in your picture better than others - a white object on a white background will probably not stand out the way you want it to and transparent objects may require you to experiment with different background colours. In any case a high-quality result starts with a high-quality background removal.

How we do post-production editing

Depending on the objects in your photos and what the images are to be used for we use different techniques to remove the background. Our classical way to do it is by drawing a clipping path in Photoshop with the Pen Tool to remove the background. For our dtp professionals drawing a clipping path is not that complex, and this technique is especially useful for images with a sharp edge where it gives a perfect shiny edge in the output image. However, when the object has a fluffy edge like hair or fur, there are different tools and techniques available in Photoshop that we use. For example, Background Eraser Tool, Magic Eraser Tool, Colour separation technique. Based on the type of image, different technique is applied to achieve the best result. For the most complex images, we must apply more than one technique to get the best output.

Our graphic designers use the latest techniques in Photoshop or alternative tools to obtain the absolute best quality cost ratio in the industry. We spend much time on further training and only hire the best candidates available. On a continuous basis, we optimize our operation not only in getting better at how we do today but also by testing new tools and techniques and ultimately bringing these into our production flow.

No job is too big or too small. No matter if you need 10,000 photos edited for a large portal or you need 10 photos prepared for the launch of a new product we can help. Let us know what you need done with the images and we will help find the right quality/cost ratio. Our price start from just $0.49 USD per picture and we can provide you with a quotation within 45 MINUTES.

We make your pictures work for you. Quick turnaround & competitive prices.

Let us know what you need and we will give you the best possible price.