Masking Techniques for Best Photo Results

Clipping Path India | March 16, 2011

There are a few great ways of masking techniques that create the best photo results. The magical eraser, background eraser, extracts command on the menu, layering the mask, and using the pen tool are quite handy when best photo results are needed.

The application of photoshop tools has made it convenient to extract objects or isolate certain parts of an image with ease. With the cyber age governing every aspect of life, a simple thing like a photograph too has become more versatile. Right from deviant art to making use of such images in everyday business masking techniques are becoming important. In case, one wants a particular change in any image, it can be made possible without having to undertake much hassle. This would be incredible even a decade back but with the advent of image editing program, almost anything has become possible of late. Photoshop and a few other similar forms of software rule the image editing world. An essential part of such software is the availability of large number of tools to bring about any kind of change in the photograph.

Photoshop masking is one such tool which has immense utility in the field of picture correction or editing. Photo masking technique is employed when a certain portion of the image needs to be separated out from the rest. The process is not very simple. However, with a little patience it can be performed easily. The photograph quality and the background are the chief factors which affect the masking process. The entire process of photo mask is time consuming. Generally trained editors or designers handle this aspect without much trouble at all. The type of image is also a determinant as to which technique of masking suits the image best.

The most common types of photo masking techniques that can alter the way photograph looks are, alpha channel masking and Photoshop layer mask. The former involves certain modes of selection which are more specialized than conventional isolation techniques. There are channels which are employed to make, store and finally, edit images. In this technique only black, grey and white colors can be selected. There are two distinct kinds of alpha channel masking. These are fur masking and translucent image masking. The first type helps in isolating hair on the skin from being seen clearly on the photographs. The second category is related to tone adjustments in the photograph.

Photoshop layer masking is the other kind of masking technique that is used. This works with the Adobe software only. It involves the creation of diverse and multi layered image or pictures. This technique is fast gaining popularity on account of its ability to add three dimensional attributes to any image. This masking technique provides a high degree of blurring to the image. This brings in a different kind of look altogether. There are two kinds of layer masking under this mode as well. They are transparency masking and collage masking.

Photo masking helps to enhance the quality and look of the image in question. The technique aids in isolating the backgrounds which have transparencies in the gradients. The image appears more transparent though the clarity level remains intact. The masking technique helps isolate shadows and leads to photographs with fine and neat edges. Indeed, technology could never have got better till the arrival of photo masking on the block. With masking, do all that you desired with any photograph. Turn every moment into a dream and freeze it forever. This is what one calls picture perfect!

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  • Knock out is the best, btw some sample photos you show as raw are not raw and put on grayscreen after masked lol. some fake huh?

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