Compliments of the Sacred Season from Clipping path India’s Digital Graphic Team

Clipping Path India | August 7, 2013

EID Mubarak 2013 - Clipping Path India

You have been our associate for long. After paying respects to the Almighty, we revere the customer. The holy month of Ramzan has converted to love and light this EID. What follow is happiness, success and peace for all. We take time of our duties to wish you a very pleasant Eid al-Fitr.

As our greetings come alive, we present opportunities to reconnect with associates, families and friends through our services. This season, we offer an eclectic array of creative solutions with special discounts. We would like to share our expertise in aiding your path to success. We are equipped with a good infrastructure and expertise for designing intricate Islamic motifs and other photo manipulation services.

Our graphic designers will customize greetings for business associates and private friends. Send us your family photos that will be beautifully carved and framed with the versatile editing services. Imaging photos, logos redesigning, masking are exclusively done with essential photo services. Check out the effects like drop shadow, mirror effect or even web optimization to fast forward your mission and business vision. Our eyes will always look upon you with amazing grace.

May this season’s Eid illuminate your business possibilities and multiply your investments. Let peace and harmony prevail.Allow us to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Let us hope our business grows together.We thank the miracles of Allah and count our blessing. Our paths have entwined in this amazing creative experience of delivering memorable visuals. We carry forth the celebrations with spectacular and stunning results.

May Allah’s power be with you!

Clipping Path India

An offshore graphic design studio is specialist in all kinds of photo treatment solution.
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