Filezilla Tutorial – Step-by-step procedure for uploading or downloading files

Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni | December 23, 2016

Filezilla tutorial clipping path india

There are dozens of ways to transfer and access files through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system. FileZilla is just one of the many free options that people use for this purpose. Due to its free and easy-to-use nature, many people have opted to stick to it when transferring or accessing files of any kind on the cloud. Therefore, if you’re uploading photos or documents from the FTP server, the process would be as simple as downloading FileZilla and installing it on your computer before connecting to the FTP server. Nevertheless, if this sounds like rocket science, then this simple-to-follow Filezilla tutorial will get you started easily.

This tutorial will show you how to transfer or upload and download photos with Clipping Path India

  1. Downloading and installing the program

The first thing you should do is to access FileZilla from this open-source platform called Since we are interested in uploading images to clipping path India, we will choose the option, which says ‘’Download FileZilla Client’’.

Filezilla download link

That link will let you choose the operating system, which you are running on your PC.

Choose the oparating system of filezilla

FileZilla is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux etc. So, choose the appropriate version of the software to run.

Once the software has been downloaded, you need to install it the same way you do with other programs on your computer and open it.

Install the ftp program and open it

At this point, the first thing you should do is to point it to the CPI FTP server. But for this process to go through successfully, you will need your CPI FTP server address, which can be setup on the FTP Manager section.

To get your FTP account credentials all you need to login to your account and enable your FTP account from the “account setting section”. Click on the “Enable FTP account” and choose your password.

Enable ftp account

Next, you’re going to have your FTP username and password ready for this process. The Host name should be something like the bellow image.

Your ftp account credentials

Note: You can change your password any time by clicking on “Reset Password”.

  1. How to connect to a server

If you look right below the toolbar, you will see fields for entering your Host, user name, password, and Port. This information is needed when connecting to the server.

Fields for entering your host-user name password and port

You don’t need to worry about entering the Port address. This should be left blank because it is standard across all servers. Moreover, FileZilla will automatically enter Port details when left blank.

  1. Start the connection process through Quick Connect

The connection process is initiated when you click the Quickconnect button. The status of this connection will be displayed on the top pane of your computer.

Quick connect

If it is successful, the file system of the server will be listed on the right pane.

  1. How to use your Site Manager

Quickconnect settings will disappear the moment you restart FileZilla. Therefore, if you want to save time by accessing the server in a quick manner, you should save those details in the Site Manager. So this step only requires you to click on the File menu on the top left side of the program. Then choose ‘’Copy Current to Site Manager’’.

How to use site manager

When you finish this process, it will automatically open the user interface of the Site Manager together with the server details which you had initially put into the relevant fields. At this point, you should give it a unique entry name like CPI FTP.

User interface of the site manager-together with the server details

Alternatively, you can add these details by clicking the “New Site” button and filling in your host name, user and password and save under the name CPI FTP. The logon type should remain as ‘’Normal’’.

User interface of the site manager together with new site

This will give you an easy time when accessing the server listed under the name CPI FTP. Just select the Site Manager and connect to CPI FTP.

  1. Download or upload your images with Clipping Path India

    Steps for Uploading images

The Local site section of FileZilla lets you access the photo files on your computer’s hard drive. You can do this by navigating the let pane so that you can locate the files, which you want to upload to the server.

Local site section and remote site section on ftp

  • Create directory

The same thing can be done on the Remote site section. Just right-click your mouse to create a directory where you will save your photo files.

Create directory

Once the directory is created, double click on it to upload photos into this directory. If you need to go back, double click on the directory icon ends with two dots located on the top left side.

  • Copying images to Clipping Path India’s servers

Just drag the files, which you have selected on the left panel to the right panel – onto the directory, which you want them in or right click and click on “Upload”.

Select files from left panel and upload

While you do this, the bottom panel will show the files queued up for transfer.

The files queued up for transfer

When the copying is finished, the files will automatically appear in the CPI FTP server.

  • Downloading images after they have been edited

This process works in reverse. You first need to get the files on the CPI FTP server so that you can transfer them back to your Local site. Once you find them, just drag from the right to the left panel or right click and choose “Download”.

Download completed images

The images will be queued for transfer and when finished, you can track their status on the bottom panel.

Some clients of Clipping Path India love using FileZilla for reasons known best to them. If you’re one of them, then understanding the procedure above is important. Clipping Path India is a photo editing service provider that can edit your photos in a way that best suits your needs. Perhaps you should check out our sample works to get some clue on the quality of work.

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