4 Important Things to Know About Amazon Product Image Requirements

Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni | April 25, 2017

Amazon product image requirement

Amazon is one of the largest online stores that serves millions of customers and hosts sellers from all over the world. Since they have a reputation to keep, sellers must adhere to each Amazon product image requirement.

Why Good Image Is Crucial on Amazon?

A valuable marketing tool in any online store has to be a quality image. Your goods on amazon will attract attention if photos are striking to customers. It is important to understand that there are many choices customers can choose but what makes your commodity stand out is if it has image requirement for marketplace. Poor quality picture will always make customers look away. However, following each Amazon image guideline will help a seller have a photo that communicates selling points and features of a product. Here is all a seller needs to know about requirements set out by amazon.

1. The types of image on Amazon

Amazon normally displays several pictures to represent each item in its catalog. It is the responsibility of a seller to provide several high-quality pictures so that a buyer can choose wisely. There are three types of images a seller can use to illustrate his products.

a) The parent SKU MAIN image:

Main image

This is what is used for the detail page. In this case, one picture is used per main product. The MAIN image normally appears as a smaller representation of its full-size picture, which can be seen on a product-detail page. Sellers must supply a parent photo since a full-size picture will appear when a smaller picture has been clicked.

b) The child SKU MAIN image:

Child SKU main image

This displays a view of an item in its specified color. This normally appears in pop-up windows. Since SKU MAIN image represents the child item in a specific color, each child SKU has only one MAIN image. So, every color a seller intends to sell, he/she must supply a child MAIN image.

c) Alternate images:

Alternate image

To help show different sides, details, fabric, cut, clarify use and other things, the alternate photo will be used. One can supply each parent or child SKU with up to eight alternate images. Those representing a parent commodity will appear in the pop-up window. When someone clicks a specific color in a pop-up window, it reveals the alternate image of that particular SKU.

2. Technical guidelines

Before submitting any picture to amazon, it is important that people meet the following product image specifications in order to utilize this big online store.

Amazon Image requirement

  • It should be in either of these formats— JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF.
  • Preferred pixel dimensions should be at least 1000 or larger in either width or height. Recommended size is 2560px width. For apparel, bare minimum on the longest side is 1001px and other products should also maintain a minimum of 500px
  • Color mode should either be RGB or CMYK
  • Product identifier must be included in file names (Amazon ASIN, JAN, EAN, 13-digit ISBN or UPC). This should be followed by a period and a proper file extension like 0237425673485.tif or B000123456.jpg. It is important to note that if a seller includes dashes, spaces or other characters in his filename then his photo will not go online.
  • Should not include text, borders, logos, mannequins and watermarks.
  • Goods should fill 85% of the frame with a pure white background.

3. Site standards for images

Amazon will maintain certain site standards if the identifier without a variant code has classified them or if they have been classified with MAIN variant. Pictures must also be displayed as MAIN on your detail page. These standards include that an image:

  • Must be a professional photograph or cover art of an item on display. However, illustrations or drawings of items are not allowed.
  • Gratuitous or confusing objects added to photos should not be there.
  • Should be of items to be sold. This means that it should be in focus, well lit and photographed or scanned with smooth edges and realistic colors.
  • Front cover art should be Music, Books and Video/DVD images. Sellers should also make sure they fill 100% of the frame. Cellophane and promotional stickers are not allowed for jewels.
  • All other products should fill 85% plus of the frame. However, your full item must be in the frame.
  • Background must be purely white (RGB 255,255,255)
  • Should not have any form of additional inset images, graphics or text.
  • Those containing pornographic or offensive message are not allowed.

Some examples of standards image:

Amazon site standard sample image5

Amazon site standard sample image4

Amazon site standard sample image3

Amazon site standard sample image2

Amazon site standard sample image1

For products that need additional images, it is requirement for marketplace that they must be of, or pertain to, commodities on display. Just like MAIN image, this one must also be in focus, well lit and professionally photographed or scanned. Colors should also be realistic with smooth edges. They should depict real images.

Sellers are also allowed to make use of other products or objects in order to demonstrate use or scale of a product. Frames provided should have 85% of the goods and props. If pictures are too big or have unnecessary details, they can be cropped or a close-up used. However, environments and backgrounds are allowed. Demonstrative graphics and text that help sell commodities are allowed as long as they are not pornographic or offensive in any way.

4. Offer-level images

Offer Level image or Listing Photo is also allowed on your used and refurbished products. This photograph shows on Amazon’s Offer Listing Page, which helps customers be able to differentiate your offer. To add your image, access your Amazon Common Template. Map the field termed as “Main Offer Image” and “Offer Images.”

Listing photo requirement

With that said, business people should now be able to sell their items on amazon quite easily. These guidelines have been set up to help everyone sell better than before. If you have a problem editing your photographs, entrust expert editors for a professional help. You can now request a quote and we will help you edit that photo to make it look professional. Make use of this chance.

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