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Image manipulation involves altering or transforming an image, in a professional context, where skilled graphical designers using Photoshop manipulate one or more images into a new unique image. Manipulating an image is not so much about a special technique as it is about the intentions of showing certain strains in a photo – often special features or benefits of a product.

The intention is to create a finished composition which is seamless and looks natural. Once our skilled operatives have worked their magic, you’d never know that the finished creation is not the original.

When to use image manipulation

Neck joint manipulation

When we want to show a t-shirt as it is worn without showing a mannequin or model we use neck joint manipulation. However, the use of the term neck joint is somewhat misleading as the manipulation might as well involve trousers, hats or any other object worn by a mannequin or model. As a consequence the product looks natural in the sense that it looks like it is worn but worn by an invisible person so we get to see the inside of the products where the model or mannequin would otherwise cover the view.

Colour variation manipulation

When we want to show the colour variants available for a product we may use colour manipulation whereby we use one photo of the product and one photo of each of the colours – or alternatively definitions for the colours. The benefit of doing it this way is that the product besides the colour is completely identical, which is not achievable by natural photography. The benefit of colour variation manipulation is especially great online where a customer will click the different colour variations.

Selection manipulation

When we want to show one feature out of many changes in an image we use selection manipulation whereby we manipulate one specific area of the picture – a light turning on, a switch turned off, different labels on the same bottle or same jacket different buttons. Doing it this way allows us to show the images as a slideshow back and forth where nothing else but the feature manipulates switches. Further, when showing multiple containers (cans, bottles etc.) with different content/labels this is the way to create a uniform natural look when showing more than one variant in the same look.

How we do image manipulation

The art of image manipulation requires something more than just technical skills and expertise – it needs a high level of creativity and experience to understand the best way of presenting a photograph. We work closely with our clients to understand what they want to achieve and then go about making that happen – efficiently and diligently. We use image manipulation software such as Photoshop, which means that we can deal with any type of file and can export to whichever format is best for you.

Clipping Path India has considerable experience within this highly skilled area of image processing. Our graphical designers are highly skilled and we employ the best graduates with a diploma in graphic design after their 4 years training at the Graphic Arts Institute. We provide all types of image manipulation – from colour manipulation and selection manipulation, to manipulating clothing on models via neck joint manipulation.

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